hey, world. i'm Daniel. i'm happily married, a tech enthusiast, an active investor, an addicted athlete & dog lover (my favicon). i helplessly build things as a hobby.

  • co-founding Gentrace.ai – an eval / observability tool for LLMs, with Doug & Vivek. we have $3.5M seed; we believe AI is going to change everything

  • early stage investing in future of work and SaaS: productivity tools, infra / devOps, AI, vertical SaaS. both personally and as a scout @ Craft ventures (David Sack's fund; $3B AUM):

  • Linear.app – pre-seed (personal)
    n8n.io – pre-seed (personal)
    Playbook.com – (personal)
    Sirona Medical – pre-seed (personal)
    Launchnotes.com – (craft)
    Oslash.com – seed (personal)
    Nango.dev – seed (craft)
    Dromo.io – seed (personal)
    Viable – seed (personal)
    Headsup.ai – seed (personal)
    Cooby.co – (craft)
    Highlight.run – seed (personal)

    others not particularly SaaS but i've worked with / believe in the founder:

    Nitra.com – seed (craft)
    Kindred – (personal)
    Meliora Therapeutics – seed (personal)
    Bonfire.xyz – seed (craft)
    Rain.xyz – seed (personal)

  • prev did my tour around SV: investor @ Obvious ventures (Ev William's fund), product @ Uber, Dropbox & FiscalNote (all three of which have since gone public), specializing in devOps, mobile & SaaS products

  • graduated CS @ Stanford; dropped out of Masters in BMI

  • own a home in Sunset, SF for 5+ yrs, Bay Area 12+; Arcadia, LA native (went to AHS) w one slightly smarter brother. Thought I was going to be a doctor!

  • addicted to cycling; own an Ultra Stealth Canyon Aeroad CFR disc Di2 (wedding gift)

  • co-own (w in-laws) a 7yr 90lb lab named Max

  • occassionally on Twitter, even though it's largely a distraction..

  • made in 🇺🇸; proud 2nd gen Chinese-Indonesian 🇮🇩